Welcome to ANDES!

ANDES is the project FP7-249671 of the EURATOM FP7  in the area of Nuclear Fission and Radiation Protection and workprogram WP2009. It started on May 1st, 2010 and it will be 36 months long.

New nuclear data measurements, dedicated benchmarks, based on integral experiments, and improved evaluation and modeling specifically oriented are included in ANDES to obtain high precision nuclear data for the major actinides present in advanced reactor fuels, reduce uncertainties for new isotopes in closed cycles with waste minimization and achieve a better assessment of uncertainties and correlations in their evaluation. According to recent publications of the European Technological Platform for a Sustainable Nuclear Energy (SNETP) (Vision report and Strategic Research Agenda) ,the sustainability  of nuclear energy requires the combination of the present LWR, future advanced fast reactors and waste minimization in closed cycles with partitioning and transmutation. In order to implement these novel nuclear systems and their fuel cycles it is necessary to improve the accuracy, uncertainties and validation of related nuclear data and models, required for those systems but also for the experimental and demonstration facilities involved in the their validation.