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First ANDES Annual Meeting

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 09:00 to 20:00
CIEMAT. Avenida Complutense 40, 28040, Madrid, Spain. | Building 1, Auditorium


Start End Speaker   Topic
9:00 9:15 X. Derkx   Status and plans of measurements at GANIL.
9:15 9:30 T. Martinez   Fission product decay and delayed neutron data measured at Jyväskylä.
9:30 9:40 H. Penttila   Status of Jyväskylä IGISOL move.
9:40 10:00 D. Rochman   General overview of WP2 (prepared by Arjan Koning).
10:00 10:20 H. Leeb   Progress on GENEUS covariance tool.
10:20 10:40 E. Bauge   Progress on CEA/BRC covariance tool.
10:40 11:00 D. Rochman   New uncertainty methods for Pu-239.
11:00 11:20 Coffee break
11:20 11:40 R. Mills   Fission yields and decay data.
11:40 11:50 C. J. Diez de la Obra   Uncertainty methods inactivation and inventory calculations.
11:50 12:00 O. Cabellos   A Comparison of different Uncertainty Activation Cross-Section Data Libraries.
12:00 12:20 D. Bernard   General overview of WP3.
12:20 12:40 A. Kotchetckov   MA fission ratios measurements in GUINEVERE core.
12:40 14:10 Lunch
14:10 14:30 D. Rochman   Improvements on Total Monte Carlo techniques.
14:30 14:50 D. Villamarin   PROFIL Benchmark first results.
14:50 15:00 S. Leray   General overview of WP4.
15:00 15:15 E. Bauge   SPALADIN p+Pb at 500 MeV : measurement of the fission fragments and light evaporation residues in coincidence with light ions.
15:15 15:25 E. Bauge   Investigation of the possibility to use High-Energy Evaluated Nuclear Data Files generated from the TALYS+BRIC reaction codes
15:25 15:50 J.C. David   State-of-the-art of high-energy model predicting capability in the 150-600 MeV domain.
15:50 16:10 Coffee break
16:10 16:35 D. Mancusi   Improving the high-energy models
16:35 17:00

R. Bevilacqua

  Measurement of neutron-induced light ion cross-sections at 175 MeV on Fe, Bi and U.
17:00 17:25 S. Leray   Validation on the results from the post irradiation analysis of MEGAPIE samples (prepared by D. Schumann).
17:25 17:35 E. Gonzalez   General overview of WP5 and WP6.
17:35 17:45 A. R. Garcia   The new ANDES web site.
17:45       Adjourn
20:30   Dinner offered by CIEMAT (all participants on the Technical or Governing Board meetings are welcomed)