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Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - 08:45 to 19:00
NEA Headquarters, Paris

The 2012 ANDES annual meeting will be organized as a Joint with JEFF-ANDES meeting.The meeting will take place in the NEA/OECD headquartes in Paris.

The actual ANDES meeting will take place on April 23-24, 2012.

It will be followed by the ANDES Governing Board on April 25, 2012.

Afterwards there will be the sessions of the JEFF NEA/OECD meetings April 25-27, 2012.

Additional information can be found at

Agenda for the 24/04/2012 (there is a EVO session planned with password nucleardata)

Morning Session

Tuesday 24 April, NEA Room A+B

Session 2

Uncertainties and covariances of nuclear data

General overview of WP2 progress

A. Koning, NRG

Covariance tool development

Development of experimental covariance tool

Suzanne Varet, CEA-BRC

The GENEUS covariance tool: A summary

 H. Leeb, TUW

Covariance data evaluation

Progress on TALYS data evaluation system

A. Koning, NRG

Covariances for activation, decay and fission yields

Monte Carlo uncertainty propagation in fuel cycle codes

C. Diez, UPM

New updates incorporated in the ACAB code

O. Cabellos, UPM


D. Cano Ott, CIEMAT

Covariance information for decay and fission yield data

R. Mills, NNL

Session 3

Integral experiments for validation of nuclear data and constraints on uncertainties


D. Bernard, CEA

A common validation process

"Common Validation Process",

D. Bernard, CEA

Analysis of integral experiments with the common process

Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of the k-eff and beta-eff for the ICSBEP and IRPhE benchmarks

I. Kodeli

ICSBEP benchmarking of random Pu239 data libraries

A. Koning, NRG

WP5: Training and Education actions

ANDES - EXTEND 2012 - Summer school

S. Pomp, UU


Afternoon Session


Session 4

High energy model validation in the 150-600 MeV energy domain


S. Leray, CEA

Spaladin p+Pb at 500 MeV

Status of the SPALADIN/SOFIA experiment

J. Benlliure, USC

Neutron-induced light ion cross sections at 175 MeV for Fe, Bi and U

Neutron-induced light ion cross sections at 175 MeV for Fe, Bi and U

S. Pomp

Improving predictive power of models to reduce uncertainties for demonstrators

Implementation of the INCL4-ABLA into transport codes

J.C. David

Recent improvements in the INCL4 and ABLA models

D. Mancusi

Validation using MEGAPIE

First results of the MEGAPIE sample analysis

D. Schumann, PSI

Data libraries up to 600 MeV?

A. Koning, NRG


Closing Session

Towards Horizon 2020, News from the European Commission

R. Garbil

ERINDA and EUFRAT, transnational access to accelerator facilities

F.J. Hambsch, IRMM

General discussion

Summary by the ANDES project coordinator

E. Gonzalez Romero, CIEMAT

Summary on behalf of NEA and JEFF

R. Jacqmin, CEA