ANDES First Semester meeting

NEA/OCDE Building in Paris, November 19th.



Draft Agenda







10:30 AM



Start of the meeting




Pending Actions from previous meeting General Status of the project (E. Gonzalez)




News from EU (R. Garbil)




Progress and Status of different Work-packages (Activities, Milestones, Deliverables, Integration of Partners, Delays, Difficulties, Achievements)





WP1: Measurements for advanced reactor systems (A. Plompen)

Inelastics A. Plompen

Fission N.Colonna

CNRS Ph Dessagne

Capture F Gunsing

Subtask 1.2.d 241Am capture at n_TOF@CERN (D. Cano-Ott)

Decay Pentilla

Pu samples Sibbens






WP2: Uncertainties and covariances of nuclear data systems (A. Koning)

UPM activities O. Cabellos






WP3: Integral experiments for validation of nuclear data and constraints on uncertainties   (D. Bernard)






WP4: High energy model validation in the 150-600 MeV domain (S. Leray and D. Mancusi)






WP5: Dissemination, education & training + WP6: Management (A.Garcia, E. Gonzalez)





NEA/JEFF (E. Dupont, A. Koning)

Any Other Business




Identification and organization of actions required (check the end of the presentation)