ANDES First Trimester meeting


Draft Agenda

9:30 AM

Start of the meeting

Identification of participants actually attending the meeting

Review of the last meeting minutes

Pending Actions from previous meeting

General Status of the project (E. Gonzalez)

News from EU (R. Garbil?)

Progress and Status of different Work-packages (Activities, Milestones, Deliverables, Integration of Partners, Delays, Difficulties, Achievements)

WP1: Measurements for advanced reactor systems (A. Plompen)

WP2: Uncertainties and covariances of nuclear data systems (A. Koning)

WP3: Integral experiments for validation of nuclear data and constraints on uncertainties   (D. Bernard)

WP4: High energy model validation in the 150-600 MeV domain (S. Leray)

WP5: Dissemination, education & training + WP6: Management (S.Pomp+E. Gonzalez)

Any Other Business

Identification and organization of actions required