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The neutron detectors at DESPEC will be used for measuring emission probabilities and energies of neutrons emitted in the decay of neutron rich isotopes with relevance to basic nuclear physics and nuclear technology. Two setups are proposed:

  • A TOF spectrometer (in combination with a gamma ray setup) for studying isotopes with a sufficient production rate.

  • A 4p detector (at present identical to the NERO detector - Hendryk Schatz and URL ) for measuring the decay properties of very neutron rich nuclei with a very low production.


Welcome to the DESPEC (watch its latest layout) Neutron Detection Working Group Homepage. Here you will find hopefully all the relevant information to the working group and other related activities. 

An electronic logbook has been setup at the University of Uppsala for facilitating the information exchange. The goal is to have a forum for posting all the messages related to the working group activities and keep track of them. Please read the instructions before registering.

Furthermore, the DESPEC Neutron Detection Working Group does not cover the NUSTAR community only but includes colleagues from other facilities (SPIRAL2, Legnaro). We encourage to all of you interested in the neutron detector development to join and exchange experience and interests.


Latest events: 

b-neutron detector meeting at LPC-Caen, 27th of February 2007


School of Monte Carlo simulation with GEANT4 applied to neutron detectors

tuesday 10th - wednesday 11th of April 2007


Future events:

HISPEC/DESPEC collaboration meeting in Huelva, 8th and 9th of October 2007


Latest documents: 

Quick CLHEP and GEANT4 installation guide



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