Using the E-logbook (ELOG)



Johan Nyberg has setup an electronic logbook (ELOG) at

for the DESPEC Neutron Detection Working Group. The aim of the ELOG is to facilitate discussions related to the activities of this group. You can read already posted messages by clicking on the logbook

"DESPEC Neutron Detection" 

at the URL mentioned above. For posting new messages or replying to existing ones you must register for your own personal account. You register by clicking on "Login" and then on "Register as new user". Fill in the requested information and the ELOG admin (currently JN) will activate your account asap. When that is done, an email confirmation will be sent to the address which you gave when you registered. After that you can login with the username and password that you selected.

Note that the ELOG will be successful only with your active participation! Please register and post your ideas, comments, and whatever you think is relevant to the participants of the working group.

The messages are classified in categories in the logbook. Depending on the future activities and needs of the ELOG we will create or remove categories. 

Here is a very brief description of what ELOG is and some other related info. ELOG stands for Electronic LOGbook and is a kind of weblog, which can be used for many things, e.g. keeping an electronic logbook of ongoing projects, posting messages, sharing files, automatic mailing of posts to the subscribers, etc. ELOG is an open source package and is developed by Stefan Ritt at PSI. For further details, see the ELOG home page at The DESPEC
ELOG is using SSL, which means that your connection, including the login sequence, is encrypted.


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