Other DESPEC setups




AIDA implantation setup


Coordinator: Tom Davinson


Short description:


- Stacks of 24cm x 8 cm x 0.1 cm DSSSD (up to 8 detectors in one stack)

- In vacuum inside a chamber still to be defined (a thin Al layer is preferred)


Conditions on the chamber from the point of view of the neutron setup:


Current detector description (AIDA draft technical specification V 1.0)
AIDA front view AIDA detector chamber front view


Beam profile dimensions after the energy buncher for three different mass ranges.


Data taken from Carsten Brandau's presentation (HISPEC/DESPEC meeting 21/02/2006 GSI)

x: horizontal plane (parallel to the floor plane)

y: vertical plane (perpendicular to the floor)


Heavy element: 232Fr (540 MeV/u ->100 MeV/u)



Intermediate mass range: 132Sn (545 MeV/u -> 100 MeV/u)



Light elements: 22O (500 MeV/u -> 100 MeV/u)




Ge detector array


Coordinator: Andrea Jungclaus

Dept. Fisica Teorica C-XI
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
E-28049 Madrid, SPAIN
Tel.: +34 914973932
Fax: +34 914973936


Data Acquisition


Coordinator: Johan Nyberg

Department   of   Radiation  Sciences, Angstrom    Laboratory
Uppsala   University,   BOX  535,   SE-75121,   Uppsala,   Sweden
Tel: +46 18 4713047

Fax: +46 18 4713513  

Mobile: +46 70 4250504


Monte Carlo Simulation


Coordinator: Alejandro Algora


Total Absorption Setup (TAS)


Coordinator: Jose Luis Tain



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